Recording Services

You guys are lifesavers! Quality, honesty, integrity and willingness to go above and beyond is what makes Media One our first choice.

Joe Noriel, President: Petaluma Historical Museum

Content Creation:

Conference and Event Recording

Whether you’re hosting a corporate conference, seminar, or private event, Media One A/V will ensure superior coverage of the occasion.  Our recording engineers have legendary reputations for crafting historical content at the highest levels.  From pop stars to politicians, and from Rock & Roll halls to City Hall, our engineers have worked with a wide array of charismatic people and eclectic environments.  We can accommodate your needs in any environmental setting, be it a single room or in multiple locations.

Conference recording services may include:

  • Single or multiple room production of event (audio or high definition video)
  • Single or multiple HD camera video production
  • Live Screen Capture for Power Point & Audio Synchronization
  • Post production editing
  • Delivery of your recorded content on the digital media of your choice*
  • Mass reproduction of your recorded content
*While CD-R’s are popular, we recommend Flash Drives, which are smaller and hold more information.

The crew at Media One did such a good job on our Fundraising Event that I couldn’t recommend them more. In the past six years, these were the best Recordings and A/V production we’ve ever had.

– Ron Stueckel, Co-Founder|Senior Case Manager: Sunset Youth Services – San Francisco

Live Screen Capture

Many conference presenters utilize visual aids such as a Power Point presentation.  But if you’re making an audio archive of your event, this visual presentation is lost on the listener.  Screen Capture is a visually-aided audio recording.  In this process we split the visual feed going to the projector and send it to our recording device, allowing us to capture the visual aid with real-time audio.  The resulting video file can immediately be put on DVD or Flash Drive or combined with *additional materials in post production.  This can be an effective business or educational tool that will enhance the listener’s experience beyond just an audio recording.

*The Extra Mile

If Live Screen Capture is the cake, then post production is the icing on top.  We can augment your recorded archive with additional materials to produce a Flash Drive or CD-R that fully encapsulates your conference or seminar.  From speaker biographies to supplemental texts, logos, or artwork – any and all materials associated with your event are handed to you in a neat package along with your event recordings for easy distribution.  Many companies find this to be a cost-effective way to broaden their audience.  Why spend a fortune to bring your out-of-town associates to your conference when you can send the conference to them?

Flash Drive or CD-R may include:

  • Session description and syllabus
  • Speaker biographies
  • Logo & related artwork
  • Live Screen Capture presentations
  • Sponsors page
  • “Save the Date” page (for the following year’s event)
  • Supplemental texts and other relevant materials

Media One’s engineers are thoroughly competent, professional, dependable and creative. They have been an asset in our work to upgrade our audio, video and internet capability. I highly recommend Media One for any event in question.

– Dave Richmond, Technical Director: Glide Memorial Church – San Francisco

Historic Preservation:

Media recorded in the analog format will degrade over time.  Converting your media to a digital format will help prevent this loss in quality.  We will gently and meticulously transfer your content using state-of-the art equipment and provide you with a finished product that’s ready to be played on your disc player or computer.  Your original recording will not further deteriorate with continued use, and the digital copy can be easily cloned for back-up*, sharing or transfer to Hard Drive.  (For information regarding audio restoration, please see our Audio Restoration services below.)

*We recommend a periodic back-up of all digital files.


Video Transfer of VHS to DVD or Blu-Ray

(For information regarding video editing, please see our Video Editing services below.)


Records or Tape Transfer to CD-R*, Flash Drive, or Blu-Ray Audio (for larger collections)

Service Includes:

  • ¼” & ½” Track Reel-to-Reel
  • Phonograph
  • Cassette
  • VHS Audio
  • Digital Audio Tape (DAT)
  • Mini-Disc
*While CD-R’s are popular for playback, we recommend Flash Drives for ease of transferring large volumes of media to Hard Drive storage.

Video Editing

Want to cut your drunk uncle out of your wedding video?  Or remove an unexpected gaffe at a corporate meeting?  Media One A/V can edit your video however you’d like.  Whatever video format you bring to us, from old home movies to hi-definition digital video, we can edit and transfer your content to DVD or Blu-Ray.  Preserve your memories or re-write history a little bit.  They’ll never know.



Once we convert your audio content to a digital format, we will carefully analyze and process the electronic files to remove most anomalies (clicks, static, and pops) and background noise (hiss and crackle), while preserving the clarity and dynamics of the audio.  We can also remove interruptions such as coughs, “Umms…”, sneezes, or the clinking of a glass.

We’ll record the restored tracks onto a CD-R* or a Flash Drive (for easy transfer to Hard Drive storage).  All transfers are Red Book Industry Standard and CD-R’s are playable on most home audio systems.  The new disc comes to you in a plastic jewel case listing the track information and including reproduced artwork from the original source (if available).

In all cases, your original recordings are returned to you intact, along with your newly recorded media.

*While CD-R’s are popular for playback, we don’t recommend them for long-term storage.

Live Concert Recording:

This specialty feature that we offer stems from our passion for live music, archive creation, and our years of experience working in the industry.  Our Engineer Betty spent nearly two decades working as one of the primary Recording Engineers and Producers for The Grateful Dead.  Dan has mastered thousands of recordings throughout his seventeen years as a celebrated DJ in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Betty and Dan have worked together for ten years at the world-renowned Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco, where they produce and record live services every week.  Together they head Media Ones experienced and talented production team.

From the wiring of the first microphone to multi-track production and mastering, Media One A/V offers a one-stop shop for all your live recording needs.  Contact us for a quote and references.

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